Love the shit out of yourself – Candle


Our minds are a lot like disobedient children. We tell them to do something directly and they don’t listen.

If you are waiting for a special moment to fulfill your desires or begin to make a dream come true, let this be the moment. Why wait for Halley’s comet? Let’s do it now.

Why not use this as a symbol to spark a change in your own life, by first burning your old and unhelpful beliefs? Try it.

“Burn away” your negative beliefs

Negativity never smelt so good!

  • Available in 210g, 295g & 400g
  • All Natural Soy Wax Blend
  • 40-80 hour burn time
  • Available in 4 fucking scents


  1. Fuck off Vanilla – (Vanilla Bean)
  2. I’m berry much over it ( Strawberry & Fig)
  3. Summer fucking holidays (Tropical Coconut & Mango)
  4. Bitter sweet victory (Lemongrass)
  5. I fucking cleaned for you (Rose and Citrus)