Wanbo T2 MAX LCD Projector

Wanbo T2 MAX LCD Projector 


The Wanbo T2 was one of the smallest, cheapest and more powerful projectors that I could find at around $300.

With 5000 lumens its a bright projector and because I’m mostly only projecting 2.5m across the van it stays bright. But I can also use it outside the van as a cinema screen at night.

It has Netflix and other streaming options available, but can also be connected via HDMI to my laptop or screen cast from my mobile devices.

The biggest bonus is that its super quite compared to a previous projector I owned, making it perfect for the confined space of a Van. 

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  • Resolution 1080P
  • Light and compact
  • HDR10 decoding
  • 3W*2 left and right channel speakers
  • Vertical keystone correction
  • Projection technology: LCD
  • Light source: LED
  • Body size: 110*140*150 mm
  • 5000 lumens
  • LED bulb life: 20000 hours
  • Projection size: 40-120 inches
  • Screen aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Focus mode: Manual
  • System memory: 1GB
  • Body memory: 16GB