About Scotty Boxa

GDay I’m Scotty Boxa, 30+ year old internet entrepreneur, Online personality, YouTuber, Video maker, Traveller, Blogger, Drinking and Amature photographer. (I think that just about covers it).

My home base is the Sunshine Coast Australia, but for the past few years I have been between my home and living out of a backpack and travelling around the globe. I was usually the guy behind the scenes of Radio, TV, Print and the Web, who no one gets to see until NOW! Some idiot (that would be me) let me loose on the net as I explore the world for some ridiculously crazy adventures. I love a mix of technology and nature, and taking pictures and video. Going places where YOU the visitors to my websites voted me to go.

Different aspects of my web, new media and content are seen by millions of people every year, so that keeps be quite busy. Over 2 million people have watched me make cocktails on YouTube. You might also spot me in a TV commercial from time to time as well.

In-between that and travelling I chill out on the farm, I am an animal lover and I’m always seeking a new adventure. That’s what life is all about, being positive, meeting new people, experiencing things would never normally experience and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. !! I am passionate about travelling and exploring as much of the universe as possible! Meeting new people makes me happy and I value experiences over possessions.

You will find me regularly hosting cocktail how to’s on Drink Lab, and sharing my travel tips, adventures and travel stories on Destination Unknown, as well as popping up in some TV commercials or collaborating with other websites and YouTube Channels around the world.

You can follow me and my adventures on any of these social networks I frequently use, to get all sorts of cool updates from time to time.

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