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Common questions about the van or van life may have been asnwered already on the ASK SCOTTY page.  

Due to the high success of our previous store we have now expanded. Our most popular products PLUS LOTS MORE, including a new range of exclusive BOXA products can be found at our new store:
Ultra-comfortable everyday & workout clothing, camping and homeware goods.

Why the change?
This allows me (Scotty Boxa) to have a team to help get orders out as quickly as possible and help manage the products across our distribution and warehouse network around the globe especially while I’m on the Road Filming the Aussie Adventure Series.

I never really wanted to be on Pateron or similar sites, as I really didn’t want to ask others for money. But I have been asked countless times times how can they help support my travel, videos and CRPS etc, I would usually say just shot at the BOXA Lifestyle store or one of my partner/sponsors, but that wasn’t enough so finally after alot of hesitiation I decided to create the BOXA Support Crew for those indviduals that wish to support me in this way. (No pressure)


Yes, unfortunately I do suffer from CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)
(CRPS) is a form of chronic pain that usually affects an arm or a leg, in my case it effects my right neck, shoulder and arm, with burning pain, stabbing, numbness and pins and needles. At one stage I was unable to walk, get out of bed or even breath without extreme pain. As the name suggests it’s a complex situation, but with lots of work I am managing to keep the pain minimal (which is still high) most of the time.

What is CRPS and how painful is it?

CRPS  is classed as the most painful chronic pain condition that is known.

It can reach an approx. 42 out of 50 on the McGill Pain Scale, higher than non-terminal cancer (25), higher than amputation of a finger without anaesthesia (40), higher than childbirth (35), and arthritis (19) just to give you a comparison. 

I may do a video in the future about this. So stay tuned.

If you would like to advertise or get your product in front of our Audience, please contact us for more info and to see if it suits our audience. I’m always happy to look into new partnerships and sponsors that my Ausience will enjoy and relate to.


I use a mix of a Cannon 7D, Insta360 ONE R (360 Lens, 1-Inch Wide Lens, 4K Boost Lens), DJI Mavic Pro 2 and from time to time I might use an OLD Go-Pro.

Depending on the situation, its between inhouse camera Mics and the awesome DJI Mic

In the Van I have 2 x 120amh batteries which are connected to both the car alternator and solar Panels on the Roof.

Alternatively I have extra 4096Wh with the BLUETTI AC200MAX with 1×B230. I can charge this via the Car, Solar Panels or mains power.

You can learn more about the products I use in the van here

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