On top of the 2 x 120ah batteries I have in my Van I have a backup expandable power supply with my Bluetti. Which enables me to have more than enough power to go anywhere and charge anything on the go, as well as be a backup “shore power/mains power” to my van if I ever need it.

With AC200MAX’s 15 outlets, you get to run all your needs simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

The first modular, expandable Bluetti power station. Packed with an astonishing 2048Wh ultra-durable LFP cells and a 2,200W full power pure sine wave inverter, the AC200MAX can be your mobile recharge center off-the-grid or on the way.

With two expansion ports, The AC200MAX welcomes up to two BLUETTI B230’s(2048Wh each) or B300(3072Wh each) battery modules, connecting of which can boost the total capacity to a staggering 8192Wh!

The AC200MAX allows up to 900W of solar input and 400W via the adapter, you can even charge it up via your wall outlet and solar panels simultaneously, boost a stunning 1300W total charging rate which can top up your power beast in less than two hours! 

Use coupon code “BOXA” at check out for a discount!

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