Bushman DC190L

Bushman DC190L – 190L Caravan Fridge (12V / 24V)

If you’re like me, living life on the road, you know that the fridge/freezer space in your caravan isn’t just a convenience—it’s a necessity. That’s why I went for something a bit more substantial than the shoebox-sized freezers we often see. Allow me to introduce you to the Bushman DC190L, my choice for a caravan fridge, and here’s why:

No More Tiny Freezers: You know the issue with small freezers that end up with inches of ice around them? Yeah, I didn’t want that either. The DC190L gives you the space to freeze more food, so you can stay off-grid for longer without any hassle.

Efficient and Resilient: This isn’t just a big fridge; it’s an extremely efficient one. It’s designed to stay cold even in the hottest Australian temperatures. Light on power, but heavy on performance.

Made for the Aussie Outdoors: Whether you’re in a caravan, RV, boat, or living off-grid, the DC190L is crafted specifically for Australian mobile installations. It’s equipped with a large cooling system, extra-thick insulation, and a low-speed compressor that cuts down on power consumption.

Sturdy and Spacious: When you’re out in the wild, you need equipment that can take a beating. The Bushman DC190L delivers with full steel sides for added strength and ample space for all your food storage needs.

Why It’s Perfect for the Road:

  • 190L Capacity: Enough to keep you stocked and satisfied.
  • 12V / 24V Power: Flexibility to suit your power setup.
  • Off-Grid Friendly: Ideal for those extended trips away from civilization.

If you’re looking to upgrade your caravan’s kitchen, the Bushman DC190L might just be the perfect fit. It’s more than just a fridge; it’s a companion that understands the needs of the adventurous spirit.

Stay cool and well-fed on the road, mates! 🚐🍽️

P.S. Have any favorite recipes or food storage tips for the road? I’d love to hear how you keep your culinary game strong while traveling. Let’s share and inspire each other!