Sundown Serenade – Whitsunday Lighthouse Poster


“Sundown Serenade,” an awe-inspiring poster that captures the sheer magnificence of a lighthouse under a resplendent sunset on the Whitsunday Coast. The hues of orange, red, and pink sky blend perfectly with the towering lighthouse, creating an arresting visual contrast that embodies both warmth and grandeur. But it’s not just a pretty picture; it’s a snapshot of solitude and resilience, reminiscent of lighthouses that have stood the test of time and elements. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Queensland’s tropical coast or not, this piece offers you a sunset you can keep forever. The vertical orientation amplifies the lighthouse’s majesty, while the fading sunlight bathes everything in a natural, golden filter. It’s more than just décor; it’s a daily escape, a window to the far-reaching coastlines of Tropical North Queensland.

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Sundown Serenade – Whitsunday Lighthouse Poster
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