Golden Embrace: Sunrise Splendor at Point Cartwright – A Coastal Awakening Framed Poster


“Golden Embrace: Sunrise Splendor at Point Cartwright” is a framed poster that encapsulates the ethereal beauty of dawn at the Sunshine Coast. The golden sunrise, a symbol of hope and renewal, bathes the rock foreshore in a warm, inviting light. The white wash of the wave, captured in the foreground, adds a sense of movement and life to the scene.

This artwork is not just a visual feast; it’s an experience, a moment of connection with nature’s grandeur. Encased in a frame made from renewable forests, this piece adds a touch of class and elegance to any space. It’s a celebration of nature’s daily miracle, a moment of tranquility that brings a sense of peace and inspiration.

Also available as a Canvas Print and a Poster

📍 Location: Point Cartwright, Sunshine Coast – Queensland – Australia

  • Black
  • White
  • 10×10
  • 12×12
  • 12×16
  • 12×18
  • 14×14
  • 16×16
  • 16×20
  • 18×18
  • 18×24
  • 24×36
  • 8×10