The Big Mango – The Great Mango Heist Unraveling the Mystery of Bowen’s Big Mango

In the heart of Queensland, Australia, nestled in the coastal town of Bowen, stands an iconic symbol of the region’s rich agricultural heritage. A colossal, three-story-tall mango. Yes, you read that right. A mango. But this isn’t just any mango; it’s the Big Mango, a beloved local landmark and a testament to Bowen’s status as the mango capital of Australia. But this giant fruit has a story as juicy as the tropical delight it represents, complete with a mysterious disappearance that left the nation in suspense.

The Big Mango Bowen -

The Big Mango: A Slice of Bowen’s History

The Big Mango, towering at 10 meters high and weighing a whopping seven tonnes, was erected in 2002 as a tribute to the Kensington Pride mango, also known as the Bowen mango, the region’s star agricultural product. The Big Mango is more than just a roadside attraction; it’s a symbol of Bowen’s pride and a beacon for mango lovers far and wide.

Located at the Bowen Visitor Information Centre on the Bruce Highway, the Big Mango is hard to miss. It’s open 24/7, making it a perfect pit stop for travelers passing through at any hour. The site boasts ample car and coach parking, making it accessible for all types of visitors.

The Great Mango Heist

In 2014, the Big Mango made headlines across Australia and beyond when it mysteriously vanished overnight. The disappearance of the giant fruit left locals and tourists alike baffled and sparked a nationwide search. The question on everyone’s lips was, “What happened to the Big Mango?”

As it turned out, the disappearance was a well-executed publicity stunt by fast-food chain Nando’s. The company had “borrowed” the Big Mango as part of a marketing campaign, and the giant fruit was found just a few days later, hidden in a nearby field. The stunt certainly put the Big Mango on the map, and it’s been a popular attraction ever since.

Bowen: The Mango Capital of Australia

Bowen is not just home to the Big Mango; it’s also home to some of the largest mango farms in Australia. The region’s tropical climate and fertile soil make it ideal for growing this sweet, juicy fruit. One of the largest farms in the area is the R2E2 Mango Farm, which spans over 200 hectares and produces a variety of mangoes, including the famous Kensington Pride.

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Kensington Pride vs. Bowen Mangoes: What’s the Difference?

Here’s a fun fact: Kensington Pride and Bowen mangoes are actually the same variety! The Kensington Pride mango, named after the suburb of Kensington in Sydney where it was first grown, is also known as the Bowen mango because of its prevalence in the Bowen region. This variety is known for its vibrant orange skin, sweet, tangy flesh, and minimal fiber. It’s the most popular mango variety in Australia, accounting for around 80% of all trees planted.

Facilities and Accessibility at the Big Mango

The Big Mango is more than just a photo opportunity. The site is equipped with a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit. There’s a picnic area where you can enjoy a packed lunch or a freshly-picked Bowen mango, and public toilets are available for convenience.

The site is also family-friendly, with a gift shop selling a range of mango-themed souvenirs and local produce. If you’re feeling peckish, there’s a café offering food and refreshments, including, of course, mango smoothies and ice cream.

The Big Mango is committed to accessibility and actively welcomes people with access needs. The site is wheelchair-friendly, with ramps and accessible toilets available. The staff at the enquiry desk are always on hand to assist with any queries or needs.

The Big Mango: A Must-Visit Attraction in Bowen

Whether you’re a mango enthusiast, a lover of quirky landmarks, or just passing through, the Big Mango is a must-visit attraction in Bowen. It’s a testament to the region’s agricultural heritage, a symbol of community pride, and a fun, family-friendly destination. So why not make a pit stop and experience the juicy charm of the Big Mango for yourself?


The Big Mango Bowen -

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