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 In Line Water Filter – Caravan

Universal In Line Caravan Water Filter

  • Reliable and natural filtration
  • Reduces chlorine, taste and odour
  • Easy installation and replacement
Universal In Line Caravan Replacement Filter with activated carbon provides great tasting water for your whole family to enjoy.
Enjoy the taste, convenience and health benefits of filtering your own drinking water whilst on travel, at a fraction of the cost for bottled water.

Enjoy filtered water from your caravan tap

Make your camping experience just that little bit fresher with the In line universal replacement filter.  Containing activated carbon using standard 18mm garden hose connectors, simply click into place between the mains tap and your caravan or camper and enjoy fresh filtered water. 

Get yours from:

Bunnings Amazon

The Secret key to Australia

The Secret Key to Australia

Tap Key

This is what is known to many Australian RV / Campers & travellers as the secret key to Australia. 
A lot of public taps around the country may have broken or missing tap spindle ( handles), some have also been removed by council to stop tap vandalism and people leaving taps on waiting water.

Well this little Tap Key is the answer to that problem. It has 4 different tap spindle type fittings, to fit almost any tap spindle in Australia. 

You can pick these up from places like Bunnings, Mitre 10 or Home Hardware for around $15.

CAOS Folding Shovel with Storage Pouch


Compact Folding Shovel with pick, serrated edge, and Storage Pouch. 

Strong and reliable, supplied with a tough storage pouch that can be attached to a backpack or stored under the seat or in the spare wheel well.

This is a tool built to work!


  •  Constructed from high-quality steel.
  •  Powder coated finish to all steel components.
  •  Reinforced nylon handle for strength and durability.
  •  Tri-fold design with secure locking mechanism.
  •  Carry pouch included with belt/hanging loop.

Get yours at:

Caravan RV Camping Amazon Home Hardware Mitre 10 Bunnings

LED Strip Lighting RGB – 5V USB SMD 5050

LED Strip Lighting RGB

LED Strip Lighting RGB – 5V USB SMD 5050

I used waterproof White & Black strips LED lights on darker/lighter surfaces so it wont stand out when off.

  • Safe low 5v voltage
  • Flexible self adhesive
  • IR remote control
  • Decorative accent lighting
  • Length 1m / 2m / 3m / 4m / 5m
  • Remote control: 3keys / 17keys / 24Keys / 44keys / App Remote Control
  • SMD 5050
The silicone coated RGB LED flex strip light illuminates a small area with minimal design that won’t intrude. They’re perfect for highlighting areas, such as display cabinets and signage.

LED USB Charging Under Cabinet Sensor Light

LED Under Cabinet Sensor Light


I use these LED lights inside my cupboards and also under the main sliding door for extra light when opening the door. 

The 23cm LED USB Charging Under Cabinet Sensor Light works with Passive Infrared technology to ensure this super-bright light operates when motion is detected.
6 hours – Always On easily recharged with a Micro USB charging port.
3m sensing distance.
Non Stroboscopic

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Dometic Harrier Lite – Roof Top Air Conditioner


The Dometic Harrier Lite is designed to fit small to medium-sized caravans, pop-tops, and campers. It features 3 speeds and adjustable outlet vents with individual adjustable airflow.

The Dometic Harrier Lite gives you all the benefits of inverter technology, although in a lighter and smaller roof top unit when compared to the full sized Dometic Harrier and Dometic Ibis MK4. This results in a lightweight and very economical caravan air conditioner that is suitable for poptops and smaller to mid sized caravans.

The Dometic Harrier Lite comes in at just 36kg and is adaptable for both 360×360 and 400x400mm size roof openings. This makes it a suitable option for just about any roof top air conditioner replacement in vehicles such as full height caravans, motor homes, pop tops, camper trailers, buses and trucks. The Harrier Lite is both compact and functional in its design with low profile engineering both internally and externally.

3.0m Fiamma Awning

3.0m Fiamma Awning

A compact design with low profile metal end caps (previously plastic) that house a redesigned crank system which is both more durable and smoother to operate. The lead bar now includes 2 tracks which allows for multiple uses such as installing and privacy screen, LED lights or awning hangers. The new design also incorporates guides built into the arms to allow the hiding of LED lighting cabling 


    • Easy and safe to operate
    • Silent when opening/closing and while travelling
    • Easy to hook winch loop
    • Maximum shadow surface
    • Auto lock feature

    • Case Colour: Polar White
    • Fabric Colour: Royal Grey (grey/charcoal/white with wave pattern)
    • Case length: 3080mm
    • Case Height: 136mm
    • Case Thickness: 85mm
    • Fabric Length: 2920mm
    • Awning Extension: 2500mm
    • Weight: 23kg

360 Degree Portable Fan

360 Degree Portable Fan

I have 2 of these 360 Degree Portable Fans, which can be run by either battery or USB cable.  It has a clip at the base of the fan which makes it great for clipping out of the way while still being able to direct the air flow in any direction. With 3 speeds its a power saving and cost effective way to keep some air flow during the HOT Aussie summer nights.

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Get yours here

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Wanbo Smart Projector T2 MAX LCD Projector

Wanbo T2 MAX LCD Projector

Wanbo T2 MAX LCD Projector 


The Wanbo T2 was one of the smallest, cheapest and more powerful projectors that I could find at around $300.

With 5000 lumens its a bright projector and because I’m mostly only projecting 2.5m across the van it stays bright. But I can also use it outside the van as a cinema screen at night.

It has Netflix and other streaming options available, but can also be connected via HDMI to my laptop or screen cast from my mobile devices.

The biggest bonus is that its super quite compared to a previous projector I owned, making it perfect for the confined space of a Van. 

Use the coupon Code “scotty” for up to 15% off!

Purchase yours here

  • Resolution 1080P
  • Light and compact
  • HDR10 decoding
  • 3W*2 left and right channel speakers
  • Vertical keystone correction

  • Projection technology: LCD
  • Light source: LED
  • Body size: 110*140*150 mm
  • 5000 lumens
  • LED bulb life: 20000 hours

  • Projection size: 40-120 inches
  • Screen aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Focus mode: Manual
  • System memory: 1GB
  • Body memory: 16GB

Bushman DC190L Frdige/Freezer

Bushman DC190L

Bushman DC190L

190L Caravan Fridge – 12V / 24V

I personally didn’t want a smaller freezer the size of a shoebox that 99% of the time has 2 inches of ice frozen around it. So I opted for a larger fridge/freezer. Which allows me to freeze alot more food to be able to stay off grid for longer. 

The Bushman DC190-L is extremely efficient, light on power and will stay cold in the hottest temperatures.

Designed specifically for mobile installations and off-grid living in Australia. A very large cooling system, extra-thick insulation and a low-speed compressor which significantly reduces power consumption. Making this a brilliant fridge for caravans, RV”s, boats and off-grid situations.

All DC-L models are big on space and have full steel sides for extra strength.