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Van Life Heating & Cooling: Climate Control in Compact Living

Maintaining the right temperature in a van requires smart heating and cooling solutions. Energy-efficient fans like Sirocco fans offer adjustable speeds and directions for optimal cooling. Portable heaters designed for RV use provide warmth without draining power. Insulated curtains and window coverings help maintain temperature and provide privacy. Consider roof vents for proper ventilation, enhancing overall comfort.

Dometic Harrier Lite – Roof Top Air Conditioner

The Dometic Harrier Lite is designed to fit small to medium-sized caravans, pop-tops, and campers.

360 Degree Portable Fan

I have 2 of these 360 Degree Portable Fans, which can be run by either

Bushman DC190L Frdige/Freezer

I personally didn’t want a smaller freezer the size of a shoebox that 99% of