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Are you ready for an Australian adventure like no other?

Get ready to explore the diverse and breathtaking destinations that make up the travel guides by Scotty Boxa. From the sun-soaked beaches of Queensland to the rugged beauty of the Northern Territory, and from the vibrant cities of New South Wales to the wild landscapes of Western Australia, this page is your gateway to an unforgettable journey across the vast and captivating landscapes of Australia. Discover the hidden gems of South Australia, immerse yourself in the stunning wilderness of Tasmania, and experience the cultural richness of Victoria.

So grab your map, pack your sense of adventure, and let Scotty Boxa be your guide to the remarkable wonders that await you in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Victoria. Let the journey begin!

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Seeking to experience the vast and diverse beauty of Australia?
Check out our state-by-state travel guides. Each guide is packed full of local knowledge, offering insider tips for the top spots to explore, eat, and unwind.

From the golden beaches and thriving cities of Queensland, to the rugged wilderness of Tasmania, or the mesmerizing Outback of Northern Territory, our guides are designed to help you discover the unique charm each state has to offer.

Dive into the rich culture and history of New South Wales, indulge in South Australia’s culinary scene, or hit the open roads of Western Australia and Victoria.

Each state has its own character, ready to be discovered and our guides are here to help you navigate and plan your journey with ease.
Don’t just visit Australia – truly experience it with our comprehensive state-by-state travel guides. More coming as I Travel….

The lastest Posts & Travel Guides: